Wood'n Stain - Charcoal
Wood'n Stain - Charcoal
Wood'n Stain - Charcoal
Wood'n Stain - Charcoal
Wood'n Stain - Charcoal
Wood'n Stain - Charcoal

Retique It®

Wood'n Stain - Charcoal

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Classic Black
Red Mahogany
Black Walnut
Dark Oak
Dark Walnut
Wood'n Primer
8 oz

Liquid Wood • Gel Stain • Top Coat

All-in-one Wood Finsh

Retique It® Wood'n Stain contains over 60% recycled wood fibers along with stain and some built-in topcoat.

Retique It Wood’n Stain is the next generation of revolutionary Liquid Wood because it contains both the liquid wood and the stain. Retique It Wood’n Stain allows you to apply a layer of finished wood on virtually any surface inside or out. Just paint it on for an incredible real wood finish that already contains the stain. Your finish will look like wood and feel like wood because it IS wood! Wood’n Stain is a water-based, biodegradable liquid wood coating that has virtually no VOC's and no offensive smell. Clean up is as easy as soap and water. This makes Retique It easy use indoors. Wood’n Stain can be applied using a paint brush, paint sprayer or paint roller by professionals and DIYer's alike. Works over any normal hard surface. It has not been tested on and it is not recommended for oil or silicone based surfaces.
  • Goes on like a gel stain but looks and feels like real wood because it IS real wood
  • First coat covers like a gel stain allowing the surface to show through
  • 2 - 3 coats gives you a new wood finish over virtually any hard surface
  • Interior / Exterior - Furniture, Cabinets and even Decking
  • Water-based, low VOC, low odor, easy clean up

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