Retique It®

Exterior Liquid Wood - Dark Wood

Dark Wood has deep warm undertones giving less contrast when used with darker stains.
  • Commonly used for the graining coat over light wood
  • Light Wood is usually a better choice for dark stains.
  • Dark wood is the best choice for a dark cherry stain
  • Use dark wood with dark stains if you don't want as much variation/depth between the stain and the wood.

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What is Liquid Wood


Liquid wood generally goes twice a far as the average chalk finish paint.

Sizes and Coverages

1/2 Pint



4x Gallon

8oz 40 sq ft
  • Large table top
  • Large furniture top
  • Small night stand
  • Average furniture top
Pt 16oz 80 sq ft
  • Large dresser
  • Table with 2 chairs
  • Tall armoire
  • Large peice of furniture
Qt 32oz 160 sq ft
  • Small kitchen cabinets
  • 2 peices of furniture
  • Table with 6 chairs
  • Small accent wall
Gallon 600 sq ft
  • Large kitchen cabinets
  • Floor for a med sized room
  • Large accent wall
  • Full bedroom suite